Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Glimpse At Some Of The School Fraud That We Found

by Gary Snyder
1.     ·       Marksville (LA) high baseball (LA) coach has been sentenced for embezzling thousands of dollars from a group he use to work for.
2.     ·       The Janesville School District changed its money-handling procedures in response to the embezzlement of more than $300,000 from Craig High School over 10 years.
3.     ·       A former Independence High School secretary has pleaded guilty to a felony theft charge for embezzlement.
4.     ·       A school employee in Tazewell County (VA) has been sentenced to five years in prison on charges of embezzling more than $350,000 in school funding.
5.     ·       A Johnston High School (RI) science teacher is accused of embezzlement and counterfeiting for allegedly putting his name on checks made out to the school for student activities.
6.     ·       A former Florida State professor has been convicted of stealing $650,000 from a business school fund set up to teach students about investing.
7.     ·       A Tracy woman is accused of taking $48,979 from the kindergarten-through-eighth-grade school’s PTO fund and mismanaging a second PTO account belonging to the teachers while she was the PTO treasurer from July 19, 2010, to July 1, 2014.  She is a mother of a child in the district and a volunteer with the group
8.     ·       A Mississippi woman embezzled $12,000 Bay High School band students
9.     ·       A parent volunteer with the Sunnyside School District (WA) is accused of stealing thousands of dollars from the PTA.
10.  ·       A man is accused of embezzling up to $50,000 from a Midland (MI) preschool has entered into a plea agreement that could leave him with a misdemeanor.
11.  ·       The former transportation director for the Shaw School District (MS) pleaded guilty to one count of embezzlement.
12.  ·       A high school teacher in Rhode Island has been charged with embezzlement after allegedly putting his name on checks meant for school activities.
13.  ·       The former treasurer of the Kelly School Parent Teacher Organization (CA) is accused of embezzling $48,979 from the organization.
14.  ·       Former Laurel Christian School (MS) Headmaster pleaded guilty in court to his indicted charge of embezzlement in excess of $25,000
15.  ·       A former officer manager in Orange (CA) has been charged with embezzling up to $300,000 from a Catholic school fundraising program and using the cash for designer clothes and private school tuition.
16.  ·       Federal prosecutors said a former  South Carolina public charter school director used shell companies to embezzle more than $1 million in federal funds provided to the school for food and educational purposes.
17.  ·       A Glendale (AZ) high-school bookstore manager was indicted after state investigators claimed she had embezzled more than $70,000 through a skimming operation that lasted for years at Independence High School
18.  ·       A 20-year Decatur Schools employee has stepped down after she was charged with embezzlement 
19.  ·       Cumberland County authorities said that they have charged a former Parent Teacher Organization president with stealing from the group.
20.  ·       The former director of an East Lansing (MI) preschool has been charged with embezzling from the school.
21.  ·       A former Vermont principal of the year is facing charges of stealing from his current school.
22.  ·       A former Winslow (NH) woman pleaded guilty to embezzling thousands of dollars from a school sports team and a sports boosters’ club, while also stealing state welfare benefits.
23.  ·       A Sandy Ridge P.T.A. President is accused of stealing money from the elementary school.
24.  ·       A secretary at a Long Beach Catholic school was sentenced for stealing more than $260,000 from the school
25.  ·       The former president of the Grady A. Brown Elementary School PTA (CA) was arrested and charged with embezzlement
26.  ·       A former Northampton County (VA) School Board employee who said he “accidentally” sold items from the maintenance department on the Internet auction site eBay has pleaded guilty.
27.  ·       The former treasurer of the Carter High School Band Boosters Club pleaded guilty to embezzling more than $33,000 from club funds.
28.  ·       A former parent-teacher council treasurer wept as she told a judge how sorry she was for wiping out the annual budget of the organization in a year-long embezzlement scheme.
29.  ·       A Raleigh man was arrested on a charge that he stole more than $44,000 from a Cary school that helps children with developmental disorders.
30.  ·       A former Valencia High School (CA) varsity baseball coach faces felony charges he embezzled money from the school and from a baseball booster club over 6 years.
31.  ·       A former production manager for the Music, Dance and Theater Department at New Jersey City University was sentenced to three years in prison for embezzling $87,600 from the school.
32.  ·       The former treasurer of Mona Shores' Campbell Elementary School Parent Teacher Organization has been scheduled for a guilty or no-contest plea to embezzling $46,000 from the organization.
33.  ·       Former Harrisburg Area Community College Vice President Nancy Rockey was sentenced to 15 months in prison for stealing $233,000 from the school.
34.  ·       Ukiah Unified School District officials suspect the district’s adult school has lost $90,000 over three years because of embezzlement by a former employee.
35.  ·       A former Southern California school district accountant was recorded on video stuffing lunch money into her bra has been sentenced to five years in county jail for taking $1.8 million taken from the Rialto Unified School District over 8 years.
36.  ·       A former Harmony school secretary was arraigned on a felony charge accusing her of embezzling $23,823.44 from the Child Nutrition Fund. She was employed by Cushing Public Schools between August 2008 and February 2014.
37.  ·       A former College of Southern Idaho employee has been charged with grand theft after allegedly embezzling money from the school. She is accused of five felony counts. She allegedly stole $530,556.29 from the college over five years

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