Monday, April 20, 2015

Charity President Embezzles Nearly $5 Million

by Gary Snyder

United Mid-Coast Charities and its former longtime president have reached an agreement in which he will pay the group more than $4.6 million in connection with his alleged embezzlement of funds from the organization.

United Mid-Coast Charities President Stephen Crane announced in a news release that Russell “Rusty” Brace admitted to breach of duty, fraud and conversion of money belonging to the charity after his theft of hundreds of donation checks made payable to the charity.

The settlement is for $4,646,636, according to the news release.

In order to partially satisfy judgment, Brace has agreed to sell properties that he owns and turn over his interests in the sale proceeds to the charity. He also has agreed to turn over all the money that he holds in bank accounts as well as his interest in certain items of personal property that will be sold.

Jay McCloskey, attorney for the charity, said that “in order to settle this case, the charity required Mr. Brace to agree to liquidate virtually all his assets and turn over the proceeds to UMCC. At the end of the day, I think the charity will recover a substantial portion of the money that was stolen from it.”

No criminal charges have yet been filed against Brace although Brace’s attorney Peter DeTroy has said they will be filed.

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