Monday, April 30, 2012

Trust+No Controls=Fraud

By Gary Snyder

Rita Crundwell was a longtime, trusted employee. She had a virtual stranglehold over city finances. She was Dixon, Illinois’, a city of nearly 16,000, longtime treasurer and comptroller.

City officials didn't monitor the books closely enough to notice that huge amounts of tax dollars were disappearing. She allegedly pilfered an astonishing $30 million from the coffers of the small northwestern Illinois town over the last six years.

The city's auditors did not raise any red flags about the city's finances. There were virtually no questions about what could have been done to prevent the alleged thefts. The auditor might have spotted the large transactions but accepted Crundwell's explanations for them. It was from one account that the FBI alleges Crundwell spent more than $30 million in city money over the last six years on her horse business, a luxury motor home and horse trailer, jewelry, and credit card payments.

All those that knew her were even indifferent to one of the most common indicators of fraud. They shrugged off her lavish personal lifestyle despite her comparatively modest $80,000-a-year city post. (link)

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